Canine Behavioral Assessment

We are the only dog trainers in Minnesota that specialize 100% in German Shepherds.

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What We Do

German Shepherd Canine Behavioral Assessment

The Canine Behavioral Assessment is designed to evaluate your dog’s temperament and capacity for Classical and Operant Conditioning (Training).

Based on your expectations and goals for your dog, this process can establish comprehensive criteria for training your dog.

With this criterion, a training plan and fee schedule can be established. You will receive the results of the Assessment along with the Proposed Cost of Training, once the Assessment is completed.

Seriously, he's built like the dog equivalent of Captain America. His coat is phenomenal and form is perfect.
Sean Parker
First Time GSD Owner
Our lovely Ada is happy, healthy, strong, and incredibly intelligent. She is so beautiful and people stop and comment all the time on her appearance.
Benjamin Price
New Lifelong Customer
Other German Shepard owners comment on how beautiful, well behaved, and friendly mine is in comparison to theirs.
Tom Reynolds
Trains in Spanish & English