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Minnesota Canine Solutions is a professional German Shepherd dog training and breeding facility.

All training is GUARANTEED to have positive results.

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German Shepherd Breeder & Dog Trainer in Minnesota

Minnesota K-9 Solutions was founded by a former police officer, K-9 Handler and Trainer with the mission to provide citizens, institutions, and law enforcement agencies with German Shepherd Dogs bred to be loyal family pets for home and personal protection, as well as highly trained police patrol and scent-detection canines.

Our Program strictly adheres and complies with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Best Management Standard of Care for Dogs.

Our Program strictly adheres and complies with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Best Management Standard of Care for Dogs.

We use two of the most recognized and respected methods of dog and puppy temperament testing known in the industry. Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test We match puppies and their temperaments with clients’ expectations.

Professional German Shepherd Training

Protection Training

For homes, families, and you.

Obedience Training

For well-behaved dogs and not.

Service Dog Training

For lifestyle improvements.

Schutzhund Training

For adventure and fun.

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Rod Bombalier

Minnesota K-9 Solutions was founded by Rod Bombalier. Rod is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has over 40 years of dog training, handling, and breeding experience. As a former police officer, Rod has worked with Police K-9 Patrol Dogs.

He has also trained dogs for the Department of Corrections as well as for the Professional Greyhound Racing Industry. Rod has also trained Disability Service Dogs for non-profit organizations.

Having trained hundreds of family pets and specializing in Canine Behavior Modification and Motivational Drive-Building, he uses the methods he learned from world renowned Animal Behaviorists, and Kennel Masters.

Rod is a member of a Minnesota based Schutzhund Club, the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, and the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association.

Rod imports, breeds, and trains Working Blood Line German Shepherd Dogs and operates his kennel and training facilities in Pine City Minnesota and Grantsburg Wisconsin.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is dedicated to enhancing the German Shepherd Dog breed by our Selective Breeding and Training Program that is designed to produce superior German Shepherd Dogs of proven reliability.

We are also dedicated to enhancing the quality of life to Minnesotans with disabilities by providing them with selectively bred and precision-trained German Shepherd Assistance Dogs that are carefully matched with their disabled owners, in order to significantly increase their mobility and independence as well as their social and emotional wellness.

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