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German Shepherd Puppies & Training

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German Shepherd Puppies

Our Puppies are Professionally Temperament Tested to insure client’s expectations and Match their needs. All Puppies are First Stage Potty Trained and Crate Trained.


Trained German Shepherds

Our Trained Adults Dogs are Trained in Guarding and Protection. They are ready to be matched with the right Client.

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German Shepherd Obedience Training

Our Obedience Training Programs are designed to provide both On and Off Leash Total Control Obedience.

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German Shepherd Protection Training

Our Protection and Guard Dog Training Programs produce dogs that will provide the ultimate protection and security.

A Fully Trained German Shepherd Protection Dog Starts With A Minnesota K-9 Solutions Puppy

Perfect for Families - Protection & Companionship
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Why do German Shepherds make such good family protection dogs?

Most German Shepherds thrive when working their role as family protector.

Loving companionship and fierce protection instincts come perfectly bundled in German Shepherds’ natural disposition.

Learn more about the different kinds of Protection and Guard Dogs…

Seriously, he's built like the dog equivalent of Captain America. His coat is phenomenal and form is perfect.
Sean Parker
First Time GSD Owner
Our lovely Ada is happy, healthy, strong, and incredibly intelligent. She is so beautiful and people stop and comment all the time on her appearance.
Benjamin Price
New Lifelong Customer
Other German Shepard owners comment on how beautiful, well behaved, and friendly mine is in comparison to theirs.
Tom Reynolds
Trains in Spanish & English